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Welcome to TypeTrail Media, home of Freelance Marketing Consultant Anders Rydholm. My hope for TypeTrail.com is that I will keep it well maintained and continue to publish monthly blog posts here as part of an active writing routine for a long time to come.

About Me – Frequently Asked Questions
Who I’m Not

I’m not Anders Rydholm, the Swedish melodic musician. There are a small handful of Anders Rydholm who I am not, here is who I am:

So Who Am I?

Lifelong learner, technology lover, and web dude.

Blog Post Topics Covered
  • Start Ups, Entrepreneurship, and Small Business
  • Voice, Search, & Internet Marketing
  • Business Development & Automation
  • Economics, Ethics, & Technology

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Doors Like This

Doors Like This Maybe it’s because of “Doors Like This” referring to the quality of Schweiss Doors Products. If your not familiar with the HBO sitcom Silicon Valley (2014), perhaps billionaire startup investor Russ Hanneman Read more…