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TypeTrail Media offers professional results driven website design, digital marketing, and online advertising services that improve website performance to succeed in any industry — Rank your website for even the most difficult keywords for you to reach the most sought after customers for your business.

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Mankato, MN, USA

Search Engine Optimization, Public Relations, & Social Media Marketing

Community focused WordPress, WooCommerce, and Bootstrap website designs.

Content marketing, link building, and PR are tremendously important to networking and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Digital advertising on Google and Social Media can help you grow reach for your business.

Mobile web apps, contact forms, memberships, and ecommerce websites.

Personalized email designs, autoresponders, and drip campaigns that resonate with your audience.

Effective search and display retargeting and remarketing to nurture active customers.

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TypeTrail Media is for small business owners looking for new marketing tools, technologies, and ways to discover meaningful new growth for your business! We are a full service web design, advertising, & marketing agency. Any small business owner can grow their business by hiring TypeTrail Media because we bring desirable new growth with strategies for increased brand awareness, engagement, and loyalty at a lower cost, which improves the return on investment from your marketing campaigns.

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Our minimum new-client engagement starts at $50,000. Clients get the best results when they are dedicated to long-term success and continue to use our services for extended periods of time.
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