Chronicles of a WhiteBoard Friday

Today I’m going to tell a story on a Moz episode of Whiteboard Friday about Blog Post Ideas by Rand Fishkin. The episode featured Schweiss Doors, an overhead door manufacturer from Hector, MN and Remoters, a remote work platform run by Aleyda Solis. As the Marketing Coordinator for Schweiss Doors I was both amazed and surprised, wondering how Schweiss Doors made its way onto Moz. So that’s what I’m going to investigate today by reviewing the episode to see just exactly how the whole WhiteBoard Friday went down:

It Was A Spontaneous Encounter

It was March 20, 2017. I remember it well, because it was that experience of randomly getting recognition from someone you admire. I was a diligent Rand Fishkin fan at the time, and I’d already been a happy Moz subscriber for a long time too. So my reaction was astonishment. What would come from the interaction wasn’t clear right away, but it turned out that Moz would eventually feature Schweiss Doors in a memorable episode of WhiteBoard Friday:

We Could Easily Have Missed It

The episode almost went “under the radar” for us, because we didn’t get notified about it. It’s obviously desirable to be aware of this kind of brand dialogue. That’s what I like about Moz’s Fresh Web Explorer, it allows me to set up alerts and actively listen for brand mentions. In this case we were able to jumpstart our response time by using Moz’s tools to pick up on the WhiteBoard Friday the moment it happened:

The Right Blog For The Right Topic

This was an incrediblly smart WhiteBoard Friday episode, and it was very contextual for Schweiss Doors, but could also easily be mapped to a lot of other businesses as well. Clearly, Rand took to the challenge of our WhiteBoard Friday, niche B2B business and all, he came back with wonderful research and advice, and two months later he released the salient episode of WBF: “Blog Post Ideas: Maximize Your Reach With The Right Topics”.

Looking back, I think that there were enough of the right ingredients to lead to the episode’s success. The Blue Bottle Coffee post resonated between VC startup and SEO culture, combined with the right topic fit between the episode and the Schweiss Doors blog, because of Rand’s exceptional vlogging skills, and his ability to amplify what he knows works best, it ended up working out extremely well in the end:

Great Job! Well Done, Thanks Rand!

Schweiss Doors sent Rand a thank you package, which he graciously commemorated with a photo. So how did Schweiss get so much amplification and positive sentiment essentially for free? Well honestly, Rand did pretty much all of the work. Was there some combination of factors by Schweiss perhaps, a decade of authoritive blogging coming to fruition, the extraordinary lengths Schweiss goes to live up to its reputation with customers finally paying off, or was it something else, was it perhaps because of Doors Like This?

So What’s Next?

Schweiss Doors has spent some time harnessing the state-of-the-art technology to implement all of Rand’s suggestions from the WhiteBoard Friday, and will be sure to post a full report of the progress on them as it happens, so stay tuned.

Working on Rand’s Advice for Schweiss Doors

1. How much do hydraulic doors cost versus alternatives?
2. Visual overlay tool: upload your own visual, photograph, and then see how the hydraulic door looked on there.
3. DIY hydraulic doors.
4. Cover indoor and outdoor space trends in the restaurant industry.
5. Keyword research
6. Work together with businesses in the restaurant industry and indoor/outdoor space.