Digital Discovery Day


Digital Discovery Day

Schedule a one hour digital deep dive session. These fully immersive sessions are part master class and part workshop. This nothing-held-back consultation will guide you through the online strategies and tactics to achieve the strategic mission you’ve set out for your business.

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digital deep dive

Digital Discovery Day

Digital Deep Dive consultations are available weeknights M-F from 6pm-8pm and weekends Sa-Su from 11am-3pm. These one hour sessions can be booked back to back onsite or online and can be reserved by groups of up to four people to ensure everyone gets the personal attention they deserve to achieve their respective business goals. During the session you can ask any questions that you want answered about your business.

Weekday sessions start at 6pm, weekend sessions start at 11pm, book a 1-2 hour weekday session or a 1-4 hour weekend session.

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